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Title (Expired) Call for Papers 2020.01.21
Writer AISR Date 2020-02-29 Hit 1429
Attach file AISR_Notes_to_the_contributors.pdf (575.85KB)


[Call for Papers: Journal of Korean and Asian Arts  Vol. 1]

- Subject Fields: Art Studies, Performance Studies, Asian Studies, Cultural Studies

- Deadline (extended)
* Abstract: February 15th, 2020
* Full Draft: February 29th, 2020

We would like to invite you to contribute to a Special Issue of the Journal of Korean and Asian Arts (KAA) that will be dedicated to the interdisciplinary research on art studies of Korea and Asia.  The Journal of Korean and Asian Arts (KAA) is a peer-reviewed English language journal published by the Korean National Research Center for the Arts (KRECA), Korean National University of Arts.  The focus of KAA includes, but not limited to, studies on music, drama, film, theater, multimedia, dance, visual arts, traditional arts, art education, and art management.

The Special Issue will be "Artists of Korea and Beyond."  We encourage in particular contributions dealing with the artist(s) in Asia and we welcome interdisciplinary and comparative approaches.  In addition to the special theme, we are still accepting articles covering general topics in Asian art studies.  Articles are original essays of no more than 7,000 words on topics related to art studies and will be subject to an extensive review process before publication.

All submissions will undergo anonymous review to guarantee high academic quality and relevance to the subject.  The Special Issue will be published in May 2020 (scheduled), which means that we will need your manuscript by February 29th, 2020.  We also encourage you to submit your abstract (to theini@karts.ac.kr) by February 15th, if you are interested.

Please check our webpage (kreca.or.kr) for more information about the center.  The official webpage of the KAA will be available in February 2020.

For submissions and questions/concerns, please contact our managing editor (theini@karts.ac.kr).